Thursday, August 08, 2013

தலைவா - ஃபாரீன் ட்விட்டர் விமர்சனம்


Plot Outline : A fun loving man, gets tangled to do the leadership role due to bizzare of events. The flashback enrolls, where Vijay will be seen standing across Arabian Sea and follows the flashback where he leads a dance group in Australia ,comes to Mumbai & made to take down the leadership role and faces hurdles from anti-social elements while Vijay is being seen as the saviour for people in Mumbai.

 'Thalaivaa' is a mix of worst plot, screenplay and worst leadership part. The film hardly have positives like Songs, dance numbers & cinematography. Thanks to Nirav Shah for the excellent cinematography that does not make the audience tired. Performance wise, Vijay did a neat job in the first half, entertains the audience by his dance moves, but failed to do the leadership (bold role) in a neat manner. As a lead actor, he could have taken down the movie in his shoulder all the way. 

Lead Actress Amala Paul also does not have much importance. Santhanam's one-liners are catchy, made audience to applause in certain sequences. But when the lead actors disappoint , it is impossible to expect him to carry down the movie. Apart from him, Sathyaraj did the neat job. He is much fit in the leadership part than Vijay. The songs are catchy and well choreographed. The songs are a major relief for the audience. 

In BGM part , G.V. Prakash had repeated the style of A.R. Rahman in several parts. Now coming to A.L. Vijay, the director had come out with a wafer- thin plot. He made a neat and fair first half where he delights the audience with a major twist in the interval block. But his screenplay fails big in the second half, where it is just a run-of-mill plot. Overall : 'Thalaivaa' ‪#‎Fails‬ a big time 

Rating : 2.25/5.


'பரிவை' சே.குமார் said...

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sashi said...

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