Sunday, October 28, 2012

சின்மயிக்கு எதிரான சில ஆதாரங்கள்

article, says he was harassed to remove Rajan's name

This story is being presented without prejudice on either side. For starters, an article written by Mr.Mahesh Murthy is claimed to be the beginning of the issue which has shook tamil twitter world.
  1. maheshmurthy
    Is @Chinmayi a vindictive liar? She harassed me to remove @RajanLeaks from I said no: now she has him jailed
  2. Chinmayi
    @maheshmurthy :) Why did you remove Shreya's entry alone? Who harassed you for that? Please use your words carefully Mr Murthy.
  3. Chinmayi
    @maheshmurthy My question was clear even then. I said it doesnt make sense you named him as the sole rep of from here.
  4. Chinmayi
    @maheshmurthy i questioned the veracity of your study. You had no answer and now you call it a harassment.
  5. maheshmurthy
    @Chinmayi article was abt bloggers. Shreya said her blog was written by others not her. So removed. u threatening me? Haha
  6. maheshmurthy
    @Chinmayi dont lie again. U just wanted @rajanleaks name removed. Thats all
  7. Chinmayi
    @maheshmurthy also saying i m known as a blogger and not as a singer is bizarre, Mr Murthy. Your article was up for major criticism
  8. maheshmurthy
    @Chinmayi dont bullshit. You took your personal animus to @rajanleaks and tried to get me to delete his name. I refused
  9. Chinmayi
    @maheshmurthy :) my tweets are in the open. You can try and say anything now :) We ll have to see why you named him of all people.
  10. Chinmayi
    @maheshmurthy Well sir I have no interest in speaking to you further. A lot of people are questioning the tool anyway. Thanks.
  11. Chinmayi
    @maheshmurthy Article was NOT about bloggers. Your article says its across Twitter blogger linkedin facebook.
  12. Chinmayi
    @maheshmurthy if you were calculating influence Rajan had more influence than a famous writers and bloggers here? Seriously?
  13. maheshmurthy
    @Chinmayi Don't know what lie you told TN cops to arrest @rajanleaks but it wont wash with me. Truth is YOU harassed me to remove his name

    @Chinmayi This is one of the replies that he got for his irresponsible article.
  15. sunda_m
    @maheshmurthy also she is a much admired and respected person and it wd be nice if you cd be refined in ur tweets.
  16. maheshmurthy
    @sunda_m so @chinmayi may be admired and respected - but she harassed me and lies to others about it. i will call a spade a spade
  17. maheshmurthy
    @Chinmayi Don't need a lecture from you on social media. U may have conned cops & press in TN but u can't fool ppl online
  18. maheshmurthy
    @Chinmayi You bugged me for days to remove @RajanLeaks name & I told u to buzz off & take yr personal enmity elsewhere
  19. maheshmurthy
    @Chinmayi Listen, u idiot, my article may've been wrong or right, but I'm responsible for it. I don't take orders from u.
  20. maheshmurthy
    @Chinmayi Suddenly u discover need to criticise article - when in past all u wanted was to remove @Rajanleaks name haha:)
  21. maheshmurthy
    @Chinmayi I don't know u or @rajanleaks personally, have no bias either way. But he never intimidated me to censor,u did
  22. maheshmurthy
    @Chinmayi i don't take kindly to ppl who try to intimidate me. you tried it again today. you're foolish to.
  23. Chinmayi
    @maheshmurthy My tweets are in the open Sir. I dont call people names in an argument. I questioned you i had the right to. Thanks
  24. maheshmurthy
    @Chinmayi Your tweets are NOT in the open, madam. You have deleted them repeatedly, lied about them, misrepresented events & more
  25. maheshmurthy
    @Chinmayi Even now you're sly-tweeting about reactions to my article. you've gone from @rajanleaks critic to literary critic?:)

    நன்றி - திருப்பூர் பிரசாந்த் ,மகேஷ் மூர்த்தி, சின்மயி ,
    chandsethuSethuraman,பாலாஜி ராகவன்

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    டிஸ்கி 7 -ட்விட்டர் ராஜன் கைது ! சின்மயி விளக்கக்கடிதம்

    டிஸ்கி 8- லீனா மணிமேகலையின் ஃபேஸ்புக்கில் நிகழ்ந்த சின்மயி சர்ச்சை விவாதங்கள்

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    டிஸ்கி 10 - சின்மயிக்கு விமலாதித்த மாமல்லன் எழுதிய கடிதம் | அட்ரா சக்க-


ஹையோ ஹையோ said...

ஆமாய்யா உங்களுக்கு வேற எதுவும் வேல இல்லை.இதப்பத்தியே பதிவு போடுங்க.சுவாரஸ்யமா பதிவு எல்லாம் போடலேன்னா ஹிட்ஸ் குறைஞ்சிடும் சிபி அண்ணே! பிறகு வாசகர்களை தளத்துக்கு இழுக்கமுடியாது.

நம்பள்கி said...

மகேஷ் மூர்த்தியின் வாக்குமூலம்...pivot for this case...however, in India everything is BS..! I pity for all these folks for getting arrested when BOTH parties are at fault.

My advice to all bloggers and tweeters: Please DO NOT MAKE any COMMENTS whatsoever against us-forward communities, again, specifically, us.

If you do so, we will put you behind bars!

மங்கை said...