Saturday, December 22, 2012

பெங்களூர் நைட் கிளப்களால் மாணவிகள் சீரழியும் அபாயம் - டெக்கான் ஹெராலடு

Ruckus at hookah bar

Bangalore, Dec 15, 2012, DHNS :

Tense situation prevailed at a restaurant on Uttarahalli-Kengeri main road Saturday evening when members of a self-styled outfit barged into it and created a ruckus.

Members of a group ‘Karmikara Hitarakshana Trust’ entered Coffee Melange claiming that the restaurant was offering hookah with ganja and charas. They also pushed around the manager of the restaurant and threw away boxes of hookah.

Rajarajeshwari Nagar Police rushed to the spot and brought the situation under control. They later told Deccan Herald that the restaurant did not serve ganja or charas.

However, the restaurant was serving hookah with tobacco, they said. The police have served notices on the restaurant management and eight men and women for smoking in public place.

The police added that it was for the BBMP to act against hookah bars and the police had no powers to crack down on them as they were not illegal under the present laws.

BBMP had earlier adopted a resolution to ban Hookah bars in the City. However, this was challenged by the restaurants in the High Court.

மக்கள் கருத்து 

1.How can these things be let to happen andwhy is the police so docile.... Why is it no stern immediate and noticiable action taken. There should be zero tolerance towards anyone disturbing any private activity illegally.
Who are these goons and why are police so tolerant of these anti-social elements. if the police are seen as not taking stern and deterrent action it may wll lead to be believed that the police part of this......or it is orchastrated by police...
Incidents as these are unheard of in the Far Eastern countries and even in the Middle Eastern countries... this only happens in India

2. Karmikara Hitarakshana Trust is one among hundreds of other trusts in karnataka which hav come up only to make money and cover all der illegal activities ...i bet atleast half of all these activist have criminal records .....all they do is demand money from people if they deny they do all this which help dem gain publicity .....our media should stop supporting these activists n never show any of der useless protests on tv. 

3. This is bullshit! Police asking activist to vacate and register a petty case? This is a serious crime against the freedom of rights, destroying personal properties and threats. The "activists" should have been arrested and charged.There are too many vigilantes and moral police running amok in our country.

4. Don't these morons have nothing better to do?.. i mean if they think something is wrong they should inform the police.. just a bunch of self proclaimed activists.. Why is hookah being banned when cigarettes are so common in all public places.. If BBMP is concerned about the health of people, all tobacco products must be banned!!.. Oh wait, aren't they supposed to keep the city clean and protect our 'health'.. Let them do their primary function first!! 

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