Tuesday, December 25, 2012

டெல்லி அரசு செய்த 6 தவறுகள்

Delhi gangrape protests: The six mistakes of the government

The anti-rape protesters were lathicharged on Sunday as some sections of the crowd turned violent at India Gate. However, those beaten and injured also included women protesters. They complained that there were no warning and the police simply went on to lathicharge protesters. The police also used water cannons and tear gas shells to disperse the protesters. 

The question is as to where did the government go wrong. Following are the six mistakes of the government while handling the protests:

1. Totally misread how widespread anger against quality of policing was fuelling protests 

2. Total absence of quick demonstrative action, except for issuing standard statements 

3. The Home Ministry publicly praising the Delhi Police, even as massive protests were on 

4. The absence of an acceptable, credible leader who could engage with protesters at India Gate 

5. Lack of uniform, cohesive approach to handling young protesters 

6. Using force on peaceful women, youth on Saturday, fuelling more protests on Sunday 

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